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World Diabetes Day quotes: Message, Quotes, Theme, Greetings, Slogan

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World Diabetes Day Quotes: Message, Theme, Greetings, Slogan, World Diabetes Day was first started in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization to spread awareness against diabetes, World Diabetes Day : Message, Quotes, Theme, Greetings, Sms and Share

An official holiday declared by the United Nations in 2006.

It was officially recognized on 14 November as it is the birthday of Sir Frederick Painting, who was first diagnosed with insulin deficiency in 1922. It is celebrated every year on 14 November.

Diabetes is a disease due to which about 40 to 50 lakh deaths are taking place all over the world today.

World Diabetes Day Wiki/Celebration

Name World Diabetes Day
First Celebration Date November 14, 1991
Celebration Type International
Kind of IMP Day
Origin International Diabetes Federation and World Health Organization
Date TypeFix

Importance of World Diabetes Day

There is no cure for this disease, for this it is important to spread awareness among people and completely change their daily routine as well as physical activity in lifestyle, in which it is important to take medicines, exercise and eat postic diet and balanced diet over time.

Diseases caused by diabetes

When the amount of blood sugar and diabetes increases in a person’s body, it causes joint pain, neck pain, stomach pain, knee pain, blindness, heart attack, kidney failure, etc.

If a person has high blood sugar, then he should take insulin as soon as possible because after a time it makes most of the body weak.

World Diabetes Day 2023 Theme

This year’s world diabetes day theme wasAccess to Diabetes Care.

Home remedies to reduce blood sugar

  1. By drinking bitter gourd juice, sugar is controlled a lot.
  2. Take fenugreek powder with milk every morning and evening.
  3. Alogic acid is found in the kernels of jamun giving anthocyanin, which plays an important role in controlling insulin, so make powder of jamun kernels and use it.
  4. Diabetes is also controlled by taking cinnamon with hot water.
World Diabetes Day image

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World Diabetes Day : Message, Quotes, Greetings

World Diabetes Day Poster

“Life is not over because you have diabetes. Make the most of what you have, and be grateful.”

Dale Evans

“The way to deal with the devil of obesity and diabetes is literally one day at a time.”

Stephen Furst
World Diabetes Day banner

Less of sugar means more of happiness….. Best wishes on World Diabetes Day!!!

World Diabetes Day message

“Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a very scary thing, and it can easily make your life stand still for a moment.”

Charlie Kimball

“Sugar is responsible for a lot of deaths. Arguably more than crack cocaine.”

Guy Ritchie
World Diabetes Day images

This year on 14th November celebrate the World Diabetes Day by coming together and making people aware of diabetes.

Diabetes is all about not coating is with sugar.

“Feel free to express.”

“Be fit, be healthy.”

Diabetes is all about not coating it all with sugar. Wish you a very happy
World Diabetes Day.

I am not sick…. I look ill because I have lazy pancreas.

Don’t let diabetes stand in your way to enjoying your life. On this World Diabetes Day come together and fight agains

world diabetes day logo | image | banner

I don’t need sugar because I am already sweet.

“Diabetes encouraged me to discipline.”

“Control diabetes, and live your best life.”

“Diabetes awareness today for a healthier tomorrow.”

“Diabetes can’t stop our determination to thrive.”

“Diabetes won’t hold us back; our resilience will.”

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“Join the fight, support the cause, conquer diabetes.”

“A world free from diabetes starts with awareness.”

“Knowledge is the key to managing diabetes successfully.”

“Prevent. Manage. Thrive. World Diabetes Day.”

“A world of support for those battling diabetes.”

“Turn diabetes into ‘determination’ and ‘strength’.”

“On World Diabetes Day, let’s pledge to conquer this challenge.”

“Raising awareness, one step closer to a cure.”

“Diabetes is tough, but so are you.”

“Together, we can defeat diabetes and promote health.”

“For a world without diabetes, let’s unite and raise awareness.”

World Diabetes Day slogans

“Diabetes doesn’t define us; our strength does.”

World Diabetes Day quotes

“Healthy choices today for a diabetes-free tomorrow.”

“Hope, health, and unity on World Diabetes Day.”

World Diabetes Day quotes

“Every day is a chance to manage diabetes with courage.”

“Together, we can make a sweeter world for everyone.”

World Diabetes Day photo, image and Gallery

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