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Sonipat BJP MP Ramesh Kaushik MMS Viral Video | what did the party say

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Sonipat BJP MP Ramesh Kaushik MMS Viral Video 2024 | These days, the video of a BJP party leader Ramesh Kaushik is going viral. In today’s article, we will know the information related to it.

A second sex scandal has taken place in BJP amid the atmosphere of ticket distribution before the Lok Sabha elections. A video of BJP MP from Sonipat seat of Haryana, Ramesh Kaushik, has gone viral, which is being called a sex CD. It is not confirmed that it is MP Ramesh Kaushik in the viral video. It is being claimed that Ramesh Kaushik was seen in an objectionable position with a woman.

Many Congress leaders and social media handles of many parties are claiming that the person in the video is BJP’s Sonipat MP Ramesh Kaushik. BJP has not yet announced its candidate for Sonipat Lok Sabha seat. Being an MP, Ramesh Kaushik can be a contender. The video has gone viral at a time when it is time for ticket distribution. It seems that the video was stored waiting for a right opportunity. Ramesh Kaushik has also termed it as image tarnishing and a political conspiracy. However, he has not made any complaint to the police.

Ramesh Kaushik Video Report

According to the crime report, the viral video is of about seven minutes 35 seconds. In the video, BJP MP Ramesh Kaushik is seen in an objectionable position with a woman. In the video, there is a sound of news playing on TV, in which it is being said that today is Gandhi Jayanti. From this it can be inferred that the video could be from October 2. The conversation also revealed that the woman had come to the room in connection with her job.

This viral news is also of the same type as recently, as soon as MP Upendra Singh Rawat got the ticket from Barabanki seat of UP, a sex CD of his also surfaced. Upendra Singh Rawat also termed it a conspiracy to defame. After the CD scandal, Upendra Rawat returned the BJP ticket and refused to contest the elections.

Ramesh Kaushik Political Career:

Ramesh Kaushik’s political career spans about 30 years. Bansi Lal, who contested the first election from Haryana Vikas Party, won the first election with Janhit Congress. When Bansi Lal merged his party with Congress, Ramesh Kaushik became a Congressman. Bhupendra Singh also remained in Hooda’s government, but when Hooda did not give him the ticket in 2009, he got an excuse to leave the party. In 2013, along with many Congress veterans Rao Inderjit, Kuldeep Bishnoi, Chaudhary Birendra Singh, Ramesh Kaushik also joined BJP.

Sonipat BJP MP Ramesh Kaushik MMS Viral Video

First in 2014 and then in 2019, he got BJP ticket. Ramesh Kaushik won both the elections. In 2019, Ramesh reached Parliament by defeating Bhupinder Singh Hooda by 1,64,000 votes. There was a chance of getting a ticket for the third time as well, but before that the CD incident happened. Now it has to be seen whether BJP gives ticket to Ramesh Kaushik to contest Lok Sabha elections after all these things come to light or not. What do you think could happen?

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