Why Monica Lewinsky is the new face of a major fashion brand

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Why Monica Lewinsky is the new face of a major fashion brand | Once upon a time, Monica Lewinsky was a subject of some pretty vile jokes. Now, she’s turning the script on its head and going full fashion model, basically. The activist is now the face of the clothing brand reformation. But there’s a twist. She’s also getting out the vote. Joining me now is Katherine Rampell, CNN commentator and Washington Post columnist. Katherine, this is literally titled You’ve Got the Power. What do you make of her using this platform? I She’s doing it on a political topic in some ways, but using her platform for this.

Monica Lewinsky new fashion band

Well, I like that unemployment is low. We’re headed towards a government shutdown. Baggy jeans are back in fashion. It’s all ’90s. Of course, Monica Lewinsky is now the subject of the day again. Look, Monica Lewinsky is someone who made some really stupid choices when she was basically a kid. I say kid because I think about what I was like in my early ’20s. It defined her image. It destroyed her life in ways that were not the case, of course, for the other participant for whom we should have had higher expectations of. She has really struggled, I think, in the year since to escape that scandal and that branding and that public shaming that the country put her through and that many of us were complicit in. She’s tried many times to reinvent herself, being a reality TV star at one point, hosting a show, designing handbags.

But I mean, this feels like the ultimate in twirling on your haters. She looks great, todays She looks very glamorous.

I feel like that first one in all red is quite a statement about the way that she was treated. Maybe it hasn’t worked up until this point, but it seems like she’s turned it on its head.

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I think actually her most successful self-reinventory or career phase was when she spoke out about cyberbullying, which was about 10 years ago. That was really compelling because she is almost uniquely qualified to be talking about the consequences of a national pile on, essentially, bullying of someone and public shaming. I thought she was very brave to have talked about that. While I obviously don’t admire choices that she made in her youth, I thought it was very admirable that she was able to come out of that with a positive message. In this particular case, I think she looks great. I think the clothes look great.

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