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Happy Utkal Divas : History, Quotes, Theme, Significance, Importance

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Happy Utkal Divas : History, Quotes, Theme, Significance, Importance Odisha Day is celebrated every year in the state of Odisha, India, this day is also known as Utkal Day, this year 88th Odisha Foundation Day is being celebrated on 1st April 2024, many types of programs are organized on this day. in which citizens of entire Odisha participate.

DayOdisha Day
Date1 April
Next Year1 April 2023
Happy Utkal Divas

Utkal Divas History

In the year 2061 BC Magadha king Ashoka Odisha state was expanded and it was made a part of Kalinga region. In the year 1576 it came under the Mughal Empire, captured Odisha in 1700 AD, followed by Odisha on 1 April 1936. An independent province had been formed.

Orissa state was formed in 1936 after being carved out of Bengal-Bihar-Odisha province and it is a state which was formed on the basis of language, Oriya language is spoken here.

Odisha State

At present there are 30 districts in the state of Odisha, which comes at 11th place in the whole of India in terms of population.

When the state of Odisha was formed, its name was Odisha but in the year 2010, the name was changed to Odisha.

Happy Utkal Divas

Odisha Day Theme

  1. 2017 – “Celebrating the spirit of Odisha”
  2. 2018 – “Odisha: A land of opportunities”
  3. 2019 – “Eco-tourism and sustainable development of Odisha”
  4. 2020 – “Odisha for sports”
  5. 2021 – “Odisha: The land of glorious past and bright future”

Important facts related to the state of Odisha

  • Oriya language is spoken here
  • Governor of Odisha: Ganeshi Lal.
  • Number of district in Odisha: 30.
  • Members of Odisha Legislative Assembly: 147
  • Lok Sabha seats in Odisha: 21.
  • Rajya Sabha seats from Odisha: 10.
  • Chief Minister of Odisha: Naveen Patnaik.
  • Capital of Odisha: Bhubaneswar.

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Happy Utkal Divas
Happy Utkal Divas

Happy Utkal Divas Quotes

“On this Odisha Day, let us celebrate the rich culture and heritage of our beloved state and strive towards its progress and development.”

“Let’s raise our voices and unite as one to make Odisha a better place for future generations.”

Happy Utkal Divas

“The beauty of Odisha lies not only in its picturesque landscapes but also in the warmth and hospitality of its people. Let’s spread love and kindness on this special day.”

Happy Utkal Divas

Happy World Homeopathic Day Quotes

“Odisha Day is a reminder of our duty to protect and preserve the natural resources and biodiversity of our state.”

“Odisha’s rich history and culture have left an indelible mark on the world. Let’s continue to showcase and promote our heritage to the world.”

“Odisha is not just a state, it’s a way of life. Let’s cherish and preserve our unique identity with pride and joy.”

Happy Utkal Divas

“As we celebrate Odisha Day, let’s take a moment to honor the sacrifices and contributions of our ancestors who built this great land.”

“Odisha is a land of diversity, where every community and tribe has its own story to tell. Let’s embrace and celebrate our differences with respect and harmony.”

“Odisha Day is not just a celebration of our past, but a call to action for a brighter and more prosperous future.”

When is Utkal Divas celebrated in India?

1 April Every Year

Which state celebrates Utkal Divas?

Odisha State

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