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Happy April Fool Day: How Did It Start, Story, Idea and Image

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Happy April Fool Day How Did It Start, Story, Idea and Image, make you the story, Comedy, Practical jokes, pranks, Wishes, April Fools’ Day Idea

Today, on April 1, everyone knows by laughing and joking, but have you ever wondered why April 1 is celebrated. today let’s make you the story of April Fool:-

According to the first story, before 1582, the new year was made on 1st April and it was said that the new year would be celebrated on 1st January instead of 1st April, even after this, the new year was celebrated on 1st April only and some people celebrated on 1st January. They started making fun of April 1st people and they started calling them April Fools.

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Also calledHappy April Fool Day
TypeCultural, Western
SignificancePractical jokes, pranks
Date1 April
Next time1 April 2023
Happy April Fool Day
April Fool's Day
Happy April Fool Day
Happy April Fool Day
Happy April Fools Day

how to wish april fools day

Here are some awesome ways to make April Fools with fun without hurting anyone’s heart:-

On April Fool’s day, pretend to be someone like a policeman, principal or someone whom he is afraid to talk to.

Calling a girl pretending to be her father or brother or someone who is waiting for someone’s call.

Send good news message to everyone, you got good news, will the person’s hundred percent message come and then you send WhatsApp message that today is April Fool

No. Lying that the food or drink you have fed or given to someone had poison in it and then you say that today is April Fool.

Fake Lottery Ticket: Create a fake lottery ticket with a large jackpot amount and give it to your friend or family member. See they get excited and then you say it’s a joke.

Fake insect: Place a fake insect, such as a spider or cockroach, in a friend or family member’s room. See how they scream and then tell them it was just a joke.

Fake Phone Call: Pretend to be someone else and call your friend or family member. Use a funny voice and make up a funny story.

Fake Parking Ticket: Create a fake parking ticket and affix it to your friend or family member’s car. Watch them get frustrated and then realize it’s a joke.

April Fool’s Day is celebrated simultaneously all over the world, it is celebrated in different ways in every country, which are as follows-

  • In China and France, on April Fool’s Day, people distribute gifts and sweets among themselves, as well as play with each other by scaring each other by wearing different types of animal crowns.
  • Many types of programs are organized on April Fool’s Day in Rome.
  • Many types of entertaining and exciting events are organized in England on April Fool’s Day, on this day people sing songs.
  • In Scotland, April Fool’s Day is celebrated in a different way, in which there is a tradition of stealing cocks from each other’s houses, the owners do not mind this, besides many other types of events are organized.

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