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Aroob Jatoi Viral Video Leaked Fake Ai 2024

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Aroob Jatoi Viral Video Leaked Fake Ai 2024 | Saad Rehman, also known as Dinky Bhai on social media, is a famous YouTuber hailing from Pakistan. He regularly shares his daily routine on YouTube, in which his wife also plays an important role.

Recently, a video of his wife Arub Jatoi is being widely circulated on social media, which has been viewed quite a few times. However, Saad clarified that the video was allegedly generated by AI and urged his followers not to watch it.

They suspect that hackers are responsible for creating and circulating the video, which has gained immense popularity. Saad has requested his viewers to avoid watching the video and comment if they come across it as fake.

Additionally, they have offered a secret reward of up to Rs 10 lakh to anyone who helps identify the person behind the fabricated video and tackle cyber crime.

He concluded by expressing hope that this action will be understood as a prayer to Allah by those who choose to help. Saad is currently considering stepping back from family vlogging after this issue is resolved, as he believes that bloggers should not be distracted by minor leaks while creating family content. While many people have shown support through positive comments, others have criticized his decision.

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I Need You Help 🙏🏼 | My Response To Fake Videos

I never thought that I would be making this video. I’m going to explain how I made this video. I have a deep fake artificial intelligence. I’ll explain how. Deep fakery and AI. I want you to watch this video. You will get a lot of ideas about what I’m talking about. If I were to talk about how this is a very low-quality video,. That low-quality video went viral. She played with his respect, so much, so much, so much, so much, so I was forced to make this video. Before this video, some people were even threatening us, but we didn’t take it seriously because we knew we hadn’t done it. But the video was on social media: WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. They had sent it. And let me tell you,

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