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World Zoonoses Day Quotes 2024 : Message, Theme, and Wishes

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World Zoonoses Day Quotes 2024 : Message, Theme, Wishes and More This Day is celebrated every year on July 6 to spread awareness about zoonotic diseases, It was started against parasitic bacteria and viruses on July 6, 1885.

This disease is mainly spread through animals because the transmission of this disease occurs through contact with animals, whether living with animals, consuming their meat or consuming milk and other materials obtained from animals.

How to avoid zoonotic disease

  • To avoid this disease, use a mask on your face in crowded places.
  • Don’t eat meat of any animal without cooking it.
  • If you are a livestock owner, get your animals checked regularly from time to time.
    Vaccinate your animals on time

World Zoonoses Day Quotes

“The health of humans is inextricably linked to the health of animals and the environment.” – Margaret Chan

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

World Zoonoses Day Quotes
World Zoonoses Day Quotes

“One small outbreak can become a global pandemic if we don’t take zoonotic diseases seriously.” – Peter Daszak

“Global health security requires collaboration across disciplines and sectors.” – Gro Harlem Brundtland

World Zoonoses Day Quotes
World Zoonoses Day Quotes

“Zoonotic diseases teach us the importance of respecting the natural world and all its inhabitants.” – Jeff Corwin

“We cannot tackle zoonotic diseases in isolation; it requires a coordinated global effort.” – John E. Scanlon

“We must prioritize the health of animals to secure our own future.” – Inger Andersen

“Sending heartfelt wishes on World Zoonoses Day!

World Zoonoses Day Wishes

“Wishing you a World Zoonoses Day filled with compassion and understanding.

“Zoonotic diseases are a wake-up call for us to rethink our relationship with animals and the environment.” – Elisa Silva

“Every action we take to protect animal health contributes to human well-being.” – Monique Eloit

“Protecting animal health is essential for safeguarding public health.” – Ban Ki-moon

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“The health and well-being of animals are inseparable from our own.” – Jane Goodall

“Zoonotic diseases remind us of the delicate balance between human and animal health.” – David Quammen

“Zoonotic diseases are a call to action for better wildlife conservation and habitat protection.” – Thomas Gillespie

“Zoonotic diseases remind us that we are all interconnected, and our actions have consequences.” – Peter Ben Embarek

World Zoonoses Day message

“Building resilience against zoonotic diseases requires investing in public health infrastructure and research.” – Seth Berkley

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