International Day Of Forests 2024: Know why this day is celebrated and its importance

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International Day Of Forests 2024: Know why this day is celebrated and its importance | Hello! Conservation of forests is very important for us. We cannot even imagine human life without trees and plants. March 21 is celebrated as International Forest Day across the world to make people aware of its conservation.

The United Nations General Assembly, while passing a resolution on 28 November 2012, had announced to celebrate 21 March every year as International Forest Day. This day is celebrated across the world to increase awareness among people about all types of forests and to explain their importance.

Theme 2024

Every year this day is celebrated on a different theme. Every year the theme for International Forest Day is chosen by the Collaborative Partnership on Forests. This year the theme of World Forestry Day 2024 is ‘Forests and Innovation: New Solutions for a Better World’.

World Forestry Day Objective

Looking at the way deforestation is being done without thinking in the last few years, it cannot be denied that soon we may see its dire consequences. In such a situation, this day on 21st March is very important because on this day local, national and international efforts are encouraged to organize activities related to forests and trees all over the world. Also, on this day, various programs and tree planting campaigns are organized at the national and international level as well as at the local level with the aim of conserving forests in countries around the world.

Planting trees and increasing forests are important for the life of our earth and the creatures living on it. Lush forests not only increase oxygen but also maintain ecological balance.

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International Day Of Forests

World forestry day report

Talking about trees, a tree gives an average of 100 kg of oxygen in a year. A person needs 740 kg of oxygen in a year to breathe. About 125 crore trees have been cut in India in the last 18 years. That means on an average 2 lakh trees are being cut every day. According to the NITI Aayog report, more than 21 percent of the land in India is forest, whereas the target is 33 percent. To achieve this goal, there is a need to plant at least 2,800 crore trees.

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