Important Days in March 2024 : Theme Date and Image

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Important Days in March 2024 : Today, through this article, you will get to see the information about special and important days of March 2024, which includes information about national, international and state level days, Theme and Significance, Date, National and International Dates List.

Every year begins with the month of March, in which many events of national and international level are celebrated:-

Special Days in March

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DateImportant Days of March
1st Zero Discrimination Day
1st MarchWorld Civil Defence Day
1st MarchSelf Injury Awareness Day
3rd MarchWorld Wildlife Day
3rd MarchWorld Hearing Day
4th MarchNational Safety Day
4th MarchEmployee Appreciation Day
8th MarchInternational Women’s Day
8th MarchNo Smoking Day (Second Wednesday of March)
10th MarchCISF Raising Day
12th MarchMauritius Day
14th MarchPi Day
14th MarchInternational Day of Action for Rivers
15th MarchWorld Consumer Rights Day
15th MarchRamakrishna Jayanti
16th MarchNational Vaccination Day
18th MarchOrdnance Factories Day
20th MarchInternational Day of Happiness
20th MarchWorld Sparrow Day
21st MarchWorld Forestry Day
21st MarchWorld Poetry Day
21st MarchWorld Down Syndrome Day
22nd MarchWorld Water Day
23rd MarchWorld Meteorological Day
24th MarchWorld Tuberculosis Day
25th MarchInternational Day of the Unborn Child
27th MarchWorld Theatre Day
Important Days in March
march calendar
march calendar

Important Days In March 2024 | national Day Dates in 2024

1 March Important Days

  • World Civil Defenace day
  • Self Injury Awareness Day

2 March Important Days

  • World Hearing Day
  • World Wildlife Day

4 March Important Days

  • National Safety Day
  • Employee Appreciation Day

International Women’s Day(8 March)

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 as a focal point in the women’s rights movement, 

Mauritius Day (12th March)

Mauritius Independence Day is celebrated every year on March 12 in Mauritius.

Ramakrishna Jayanti (15th March)

Ramakrishna (1836-1886 C.E.) was a famous Saint in the 19th century India.

World Water Day (22nd March)

World Water Day is celebrated every year on March 12 in every Year.

World Theatre Day (27th March)

World Theatre Day (WTD) is an international observance celebrated on 27 March

important days in march
important days in march

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