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Happy World Consumer Rights Day, Theme, Quotes, History, Slogan

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Happy World Consumer Rights Day, the main objective of which is to make the consumer aware of their rights, the day is celebrated on 15 March.

which has awareness about the rights of the consumers, Consumer Rights Week is being celebrated from 14 March to 20 March 2024 with the aim of spreading awareness about consumer rights. Its purpose is to make consumers aware of their rights.

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History of Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Day was first started on March 15, 1962, by US President John F. Kennedy, who said that consumer rights are always paramount.

theme of consumer rights day 2024

Every year Consumer Day is celebrated with a new team and enthusiasm. This year the theme of Consumer Day has been named ‘Fair and responsible AI for consumers‘.

Apart from this, many programs are organized at the national and international level and every year on 24 December Consumer Rights Day is celebrated in India and campaigns like “Jago Grahak Jago” are conducted.

Happy World Consumer Rights Day

Significance of Consumer Rights Day

The main objective of Consumer Rights Day is to remove the injustice happening in the society, in which taking more money than MRP, giving goods without weight, measurement error, giving expired goods and adulteration and not giving the right quality goods etc, Are included. To protect the consumers from all this, the following rights have been given

The following rights come under consumer rights

  • right to security
  • right to choose
  • right to be heard
  • Right to problem solving
  • right to consumer education
  • right to be informed

Consumer Rights Day Theme 2024

Here are the themes for Consumer Rights Day in the last five years:

2023“Clean Energy Transitions”.
2022“Tackling Plastic Pollution”
2021: “Tackling Plastic Pollution”
2020“The Sustainable Consumer”
2019 “Trusted Smart Products”
2018 “Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer”
Happy World Consumer Rights Day

Happy World Consumer Rights Day Quotes

“The customer’s perception is your reality.” – Kate Zabriskie

“The customer is always right.” – Harry Gordon Selfridge

“The customer is not a moron, she’s your wife.” – David Ogilvy

“The consumer is the most important point on the production-line.” – W. Edwards Deming

“A consumer is a shopper who is sore about something.” – Harold Coffin

“Consumers are king. Without them, there is no market.” – John Wanamaker

“Customers may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

“Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude.” – Unknown.

“Consumers are statistics. Customers are people.” – Stanley Marcus

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” – Michael LeBoeuf

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