happy World cities day 2023: Theme, History, Observed 31 October

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happy World cities day which is celebrated every year on 31 October by the United Nations all over the world, happy World cities day 2023: Theme, History, Observed 31 October.

World City Day is celebrated every year with a new team and every year World City Day is celebrated in a different nation.

World City Day: History

World Cities Day was first started in Shanghai, China on October 2014. 8th World City Day is being celebrated this year in 2023.

World Cities Day On the day of city day, programs are organized at national and international level all over the world.
The list of world cities includes the countries that are the dominant nation on the basis of economy in continental and global terms The population figure is not important to be included in the list of world cities, because a nation like America is also a thriving nation with a low population.

The general objective of celebrating World Cities Day is better cities, better lives.

World cities day: Theme 2023

“promote the international community’s interest in global urbanization;”

General criteria of world city

  • There are many criteria for any city to become a global city but the main criteria are as follows
  • The answer to development for a global city must be of a high order.
  • The population figure should be high.
  • Must be financially and financially well off.
  • There should be transport facility for buying and selling internationally.
  • There should be presence of multinational companies.
  • A global city must be connected to a port with an inter-state and international airport.

World’s 5 Biggest Megacities in the World

  1. Shanghai, China – 34.34 million.
  2. Dhaka, Bangladesh – 31.23 million.
  3. Cairo, Egypt – 28.50 million.
  4. Mumbai, India – 27.34 million.
  5. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo – 26.68 million.
  6. Mexico City, Mexico – 25.41 million.
  7. Beijing, China – 25.37 million.
  8. São Paulo, Brazil – 24.49 million.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Urbanization Rates:

  1. Burundi — 5.43%
  2. Uganda — 5.41%
  3. Syria — 5.38%
  4. Tanzania — 4.89%
  5. Burkina Faso — 4.75%
  6. Niger — 4.72%
  7. Mali — 4.57%
  8. Malawi — 4.41%
Eventhappy World cities day 2023
Date31, October 2023
Next Year2024
Theme 2023“promote the international community’s interest in global urbanization;”
Rank City Financial Clout London, 98.53
Biggest Megacities in the WorldBurundi – 5.43%
RankRank City Financial Clout
London 98.53
New York98.39
number 1 city in the worldEdinburgh, Scotland
world cities summit 2023

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World Cities Day Quotes

Cities are the epitome of human hopes and goals; they are places where cultures converge, where creativity thrives, and where development takes off.

On this World Cities Day, let’s appreciate and care for our cities since they are the key to a better future.

Let’s make everyone’s health and happiness a top priority on this World Cities Day so that our cities may flourish as places of opportunity and fulfilment.

Which is the number 1 city in the world?

Edinburgh, Scotland was voted the best city in the world

When is World Cities Day celebrated?

World Cities Day is celebrated on 31 October.

World Cities Day quotes
World Cities Day HD images
World Cities Day 2023: Theme, History, Observed 31 October – gyaniadda

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