Happy Malaysia National Day 2023 (Merdeka) History, Theme, Quotes, Wishes

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Happy Malaysia National Day 2023 (Merdeka) History, Theme, Quotes, Wishes2023 (Merdeka) History, Theme, Quotes, Summary, Wishes, Merdeka day is the National Day or Independence Day of Malaysia. Malaysia Independence Day is celebrated year on August 31st. It is also known National Day or Hari Merdeka in Malay. So friends today Happy Malaysia National Day 2023 (Merdeka) History, Theme, Quotes, Summary,Wishes, Numbers that you can share with family and friends.

History of Independence of Malaysia

Malaysia Independence Day is also known by other names as Markandeya Freedom Day. The main reason behind celebrating Malaysia Independence Day on 31st August every year is that on this day the country got independence from British rule in 1957, so Malaysia Day or Malaysia Independence Day is celebrated on 31st August every year, this year it is celebrated on Wednesday, He is going..

National phrase: “Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu” (Malay) “There is power in unity”
Happy Malaysia National Day 2023
National Anthem: Negaraku (My Country)
CapitalKuala Lumpur
The largest city Kuala Lumpur
Official language(s) Malay
National religion islam
Government Federal Constitutional
“Federal Constitutional Elected Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy”
Prime MinisterMahathir bin Mohamed
Independence Day 31st August, 1957
Area total 329,845 km2 (66th)
Currency Ringgit (RM) (MYR)
Population June 2009 Census 28,276,000 (43rd) – 2000 Census 24,821,286

Malaysia PM’S statement

Happy Malaysia National Day 2023 Last year, Malaysia’s prime minister said in an address from the capital, Kuala Lumpur, that “we will not allow any country outside the country to steal, crush or destroy the achievements so far, and will not allow the country’s currency to be devalued and Will ever let the currency bend. A 14-gun salute was given during this speech.

history of malaysia

It is a tropical country located in the Southeast Asia continent, which roughly divides the South China Sea, with the Mecca Water Damru on its west coast and the South China Sea on the east coast, while the other part of this country is East Malaysia. known as, The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, and its administrative capital has been moved to the new city of Putrajaya, Malaysia has 13 states and one federal territory, which is governed by the center.

Happy Malaysia National Day 2022 (Merdeka) History, Theme, Quotes, Summary,Wishes

The full name of Malaysia was Markandeya Union and it has been one of the most prominent trading centers of India in China for the past several years.

Malaysia is a commercial center as well as a cultural and multi-faceted country in which Islam is a religion and about 61.3 percent of the population is Islamic, and other parts include Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism etc.

status of malaysia

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia, and roughly divides the South China Sea into two parts. Talking about the currency of Malaysia, 1 Malaysian Ringgit of Malaysia is equal to 17.800 of India.

Malaysia National Day Quotes

Malaysia National Day
Malaysia National Day

PM’s Narendra Modi Statement About Happy Malaysia National Day 2023

“Prime Minister Modi greeted the people of Malaysia on the occasion of Independence Day.”

“We attach special importance to our deep ties with Malaysia: PM Narendra Modi”

Happy Malaysia National Day 2022 (Merdeka) History, Theme, Quotes, Summary,Wishes

This is the day of pride. Happy Independence Day to Malaysia’s honor.

“Happy Malaysia National Day! May the spirit of unity and diversity continue to shine brightly in our nation, bringing peace and prosperity to all.”

Malaysia National Day 2023 Wishes

“On this special day, let us celebrate the rich heritage and diverse cultures that make Malaysia truly unique. Happy National Day!”

“Today we celebrate the unity of Malaysians from all walks of life. Happy Malaysia National Day!

“Happy National Day, Malaysia! Let us embrace our differences, respect one another

Martyrs fought the war and took the country out of slavery, we have to fight against corruption and remove poverty from the country.

“Happy Malaysia National Day to my dear friend! I am so proud to be your friend and to share this special day with you.”

“Happy Malaysia National Day! May we continue to be a nation that is united in diversity

Happy Malaysia National Day! I love you all very much. Let us celebrate this day together with love and laughter.”

Today on August 30, our nation became independent. Hearty congratulations

“Malaysia is a land of peace, harmony, and diversity.

Malaysia National Day Image and Poster

Malaysia National Day quotes
Malaysia National Day quotes

Malaysian National Day slogans

  • Merdeka! (Freedom!)
  • Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa (One people, one nation, one soul)
  • Malaysia Maju Jaya (Malaysia, progress and prosperity)
  • Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day!
  • Malaysia, one heart, one soul
  • May Allah bless our country!
  • Malaysia, Land of Hope

Facts about Malaysia Day:

  1. It is a public holiday in all states of Malaysia.
  2. The national anthem, “Negaraku”, is played at all official events.
  3. There are parades and cultural performances in many cities.
  4. The Prime Minister gives a speech at a special ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.

Theme of National Malaysia Day: Last 20 Years

2000–2005Keranamu, Malaysia
(Because of you, Malaysia.)
2006Keranamu Malaysia: Misi Nasional, Penjaya Wawasan
(Because of you, Malaysia: National Mission, Visionary Generator.)
2007Malaysiaku Gemilang
(My Glorious Malaysia)
2008Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan
(Unity Is The Core of success.)
20091 Malaysia: Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan
(1 Malaysia: People First, Performance Now)
20101 Malaysia: Menjana Transformasi 
Malaysia: Transforming the Nation)
20111 Malaysia: Transformasi Berjaya, Rakyat Sejahtera
(1 Malaysia: Successful Transformations, Prosperous Citizens)
201255 Tahun Merdeka: Janji Ditepati
(55 Years of Independence: Promises Fulfilled)
2013Malaysiaku Berdaulat, Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku
(My Sovereign Malaysia, The Land Where My Blood Has Spilt)
2014Malaysia, Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta
2015–2016Malaysia, Sehati Sejiwa
2017Negaraku Sehati Sejiwa
2018Sayangi Malaysiaku
(Love My Malaysia)
2019Sayangi Malaysiaku: Malaysia Bersih
(Love My Malaysia: A Clean Malaysia)
2020–2021Malaysia Prihatin
(Concerned Malaysia)
2022Keluarga Malaysia Teguh Bersama
(Malaysian Family: Stronger Together)
2023Malaysia Madani: Tekad Perpaduan, Penuhi Harapan
(Civil Malaysia: Determination of Unity, Fulfilling Hope)

Happy Malaysia National Day video Download

What is Malaysia’s Independence Day?

Malaysia Independence Day, also known as Hari Merdeka, is a national holiday in Malaysia that commemorates the country’s independence from British rule on 31 August 1957.

When is Malaysia Independence Day celebrated?

Malaysia Independence Day is celebrated on 31 August every year.

Q2: Why is Malaysia Independence Day also known as?

Markandeya Freedom Day? A: There seems to be some confusion. Malaysia Independence Day is commonly referred to as Merdeka Day, not Markandeya Freedom Day.

Q6: How many states are there in Malaysia?

A: Malaysia consists of 13 states and one federal territory, which are governed by the central government.

Q8: What is the currency of Malaysia?

A: The currency of Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

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