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Happy International Sex Workers Day: Theme, Quotes and History

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Happy International Sex Workers Day 2024 : Theme, History, and Quotes this day is celebrated every year on June 2 all over the world, Its main objective is to spread awareness among people about sexual safety at the international level and to raise demands for their rights, as well as to expose people working in the sex industry. The main objective is to give them their rights to face the challenges.

In this article, we will know in detail about the history, importance, quotes, messages etc. of International Sex Workers Day.

History of International Sex Worker’s Day

To know the importance and role of International Sex Workers Day, first of all it is important to know whose history, It started on 2 June 1975 with sex workers in Lyon, France

Protests and street protests against the continued violence and harassment by the police, in which the agitators demanded that sex workers be given their rights, and people working in the sex industry should be given a separate From the authority should be given by the government.

ISWD was established in 1995 to protect the rights of sex workers, through which sex workers are provided with their rights, which include that they can reach their voice by creating a platform at the international level, which includes It was done that the work done by sex workers will not be a crime.

Happy International Sex Workers Day Wikipedia, Significance

EventHappy International Sex Workers Day
Type Awareness, Social
Celebration Date02 June
Objectiveto mitigate unlawful sex activities and establish harmony relation with sex worker
First celebration02 June 1995
Next observation02 June 2025
Parent OrganizationISWD
Related DayHappy International Sex Workers Day
Related KeywordsHuman Trafficking, Sex worker right, Awareness illegal sex activities
Official WebsiteClick Now

Sex worker day theme 2024

The theme of International Sex Worker’s Day 2024 is “Looking Ahead.” 😀 This day is celebrated every year with a new theme, in which NSWP (Global Network of Sex Work Projects) organizes events on this day. And the main purpose of this day is that we all together raise our voice for the safety of sex workers, their rights and against the injustice done to them.

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Sex worker day Quotes, Message, Wishes

How we can be proud on ourselves, to exploit our beautiful society in addicted sex whores and illegal trafficking.

How we can expect that our children flourish in a good society, where a grief of sex worker always cries.

Sex workers are also human beings and part of our beautiful community, don’t exploit their human rights.

“Sex workers’ rights are human rights.” – Amnesty International

Happy International Sex Workers Day
Happy International Sex Workers Day

“Decriminalize sex work to protect the rights and safety of sex workers.” – Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP)

It is our irony that we can’t provide human rights and freedom our women and society.

“Supporting the rights of sex workers means advocating for their right to safety, health, and autonomy.” – Human Rights Watch

Sex worker day Message

“International Sex Workers Day is a reminder that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, regardless of their profession.”

“No one should face violence or discrimination based on their chosen profession, including sex workers.”

“International Sex Workers Day is a time to amplify the voices of sex workers and challenge stereotypes.”

“Respecting the rights of sex workers means acknowledging their humanity and agency.”

“Human rights should never be compromised, regardless of occupation. Let’s advocate for the rights of sex workers.”

Sex worker day Wishes

“International Sex Workers Day is a call to action to create safer working conditions for sex workers.”

“Let’s work together towards a world where sex workers are treated with dignity and respect.”

“On International Sex Workers Day, let’s challenge the criminalization and marginalization of sex workers.”


In this article, you have been given information related to Sex Workers Day, which is also known as International Day of Sex Workers. Comment for other information.

What is Sex Workers Day?

Sex Workers Day, also known as International Day of Sex Workers, is an annual observance held on June 2nd.

How is Sex Workers Day observed?

Sex Workers Day is observed through various activities such as public events, discussions, schemes and awareness campaigns.

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