Andhadhund 3 web Series Cast name, release date 1080p, 720p and HD+

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Andhadhund 3 web Series Cast name, release date 1080p, 720p and HD+ | Andhadhund 3 web series part third will soon be seen on their OTT platform. This web series is an Indian web series which is going to be released in Hindu language. This website will be released on the official website and mobile application of primeshots from where you can watch it on your mobile. can be seen accordingly

Andhadhund Part 3 Web Series Story

Andhadhund Part 3 web series describes the story of a boy named Raju in which it is told that Raju suddenly meets with an accident after which he is treated by Shyna Khatri but during the treatment it is revealed that Raju focuses on the light of his eyes. Meanwhile, Shyna Khatri likes Raju a lot and gradually they become closer. Meanwhile, maid Tara enters and Tara likes everything about Shyna Khatri.

And Tara herself starts using lipstick etc. in Shyna Khatri’s makeup kit and Shyna Khatri does not like these actions due to which she scares her and threatens her. In this web series, different incidents are seen in different modes but How much people will like it will be known only after its release.

Andhadhund 3 web Series Cast List

Shyna Khatri as Girl 1

Andhadhundh 3 Web Series Actress Name

The actress working in the Andhadhundh 3 Web Series is Shyna Khatri.

Andhadhund 3 web Series Cast
Andhadhund 3 web Series Cast

Andhadhundh 3 Web Series Release Date

The official release date of the Andhadhundh 3 Web Series is 15 March 2024.

How to watch Andhadhundh 3 web series online

  • To watch this web series, first of all go to your mobile play store and search primeshots application.
  • After this, install this app in your mobile. After this, if you already use it then click on the people button otherwise complete this process through the sign in button.
  • After this join the subscription plans given by primeshots
  • After this, search Andhadhundh 3 web series in the search icon given above, where you will get to watch this web series completely.

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